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Vedubox Corporate

Vedubox is used for corporate training that companies prepare for their personnel, dealers, suppliers, and customers.

Companies that carry personnel training, onboarding training, product training, sales training, reseller training, compliance training digitally facilitate the process with Vedubox’s all-in-one solutions.

In addition to online training, Vedubox’s infrastructure supports companies for online meetings and events.

Vedubox, which offers features such as LMS, online tests and exams, meetings, and webinars, enables companies to establish an online academy on a complete cloud basis. As a result, many companies worldwide prefer Vedubox for their corporate training, meetings, and webinars.

Set up your online Academy

Create training for your users, analyze their progress, and manage your training with the all-in-one online training platform.


Employee Training

Make online training interactive with videos, animations, and quizzes, and host live training and webinars. In this way, increase the productivity of your employees, their loyalty to your company, and the quality of service.



Retailer Training

Your resellers must learn about your products and services accurately and quickly. Upload all kinds of documents and videos to the system, easily promote your products. While increasing the efficiency of your resellers, keep the communication alive with online live meeting and reseller webinars.


Partner Training

Inform your business partners correctly about your products, services, and processes, and organize regular meetings. Easily convey necessary information and work more efficiently with your business partners with documents and interactive videos in different formats.


Customer Training

You can easily inform your customers about your products and services and offer all kinds of training. You can host client webinars. You can upload all kinds of documents and videos to the system and easily promote your products.

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