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Vedubox for Courses and Schools

Vedubox brings online and hybrid education to a platform that is easy to use and access, allowing courses and schools to manage the entire process from the same place.

With 100% cloud technology, it facilitates online communication and training without the need for investments such as servers, technical personnel, and infrastructure. It combines all the necessary features to conduct formal education entirely online or hybrid, as well as to organize online lessons and to conduct teacher-parent interviews. Moreover, the system can be personalized with the school and the course’s own web address and logo.

Your online school or course is ready in minutes with Vedubox!

Train from anywhere, anytime.

With Vedubox Live, teachers can teach their students whenever and wherever they want. Vedubox Live offers a quality virtual classroom environment with video conferencing tools integration. In addition, students can join the training from any device they want.

Give your students online exams and tests.

Vedubox Exam is designed to digitize exams and tests, which are indispensable in education. It is effortless to prepare questions in as many different formats as you want and use these questions to organize secure online exams under the supervision of a supervisor.

Easily manage your training and content.

Vedubox LMS combines training and content management features to make online education more effective. Easily manage users and administrators, get regular information about training with reports and analysis.

Meet a brand new Online Education concept

Take the lead in education.

Vedubox brings together the most advanced technologies for schools, tutors, courses and offers a unique user experience.

Key Features

Check out the key features of the Vedubox distance learning platform to increase the efficiency of educational institutions. Our 24/7 expert support team is ready to assist you in all these processes!


Virtual Classroom

Organize live lessons, webinars, and web/video conferences with Vedubox, divide students into groups in live sessions, and enable them to work together. Events can be automatically saved to the system and watched over and over again.


Education Content Management

Upload documents, videos, links, embed codes, tests, Scorm (HTML5), and interactive videos to the pieces of training as desired. By preparing a learning path for your education, show your students the route they will follow and make the path more fun with gamification techniques.


Online Test and Exam

Create question pools with an unlimited number of questions in different formats such as fill in the blanks, sorting, multiple-choice, open-ended, matching, true-false. By categorizing these questions as you wish, you can prepare online tests and exams and apply them safely.


Reports and Management

Assign roles such as instructors, administrators, students, and parents to your users, add any number of users to the system and manage course and content management from a single system. Moreover, you can automatically report the progress, test, and exam results of registered students.


Video Lesson Library

Take education beyond live lessons. Upload video lectures to the system and make it accessible to relevant users. You can provide more interaction opportunities by adding questions to your videos.


Survey / Homework / Announcement

Make the learning process practical for your students with the Student Portal. You can get feedback from students, share announcements and assign homework by creating surveys within the system.


Messaging and Interaction

Instructors and students must stay in touch with each other in online and hybrid education. Vedubox can organize video calls between instructors and students and maintain social interaction with instant messaging.


Online Payment

Check out Vedubox’s sales portal to reach more people with the training you have prepared. Sell training in the system using iyzico and PayPal. Vedubox does not charge commissions on payments. More about the E-Commerce module!

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.

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