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Move the regular training of your company employees in the accommodation and food & beverage sector to digital before the season starts. Organize training quickly, with a lower budget. Discover how Vedubox supports recruitment processes and the development of employees.

Provide online training to your entire team from a single platform with Vedubox.


Create your course in minutes.

Don’t bother with long installation processes. Upload your training content to the system or create new content with Vedubox. Register users easily and start providing online training to the employees of the tourism industry in minutes.


Provide appropriate training for different roles.

Prepare a special training program for your manager, receptionist, waiter, housekeeper, or other employees. No matter how many employees you have, organize your training easily. Moreover, share training content only with relevant employees and provide suitable training for different roles.


Follow the progress of the employees.

Report training attendance, courses & assignments, success, and progress of the employees. Easily track each user with the reporting and analysis module. If you wish, encourage your successful employees by giving them certificates.


Use the same content over and over again.

Use the content you created repeatedly when you hire a new employee or want to update the information of your periodic employees. You can also use the content for your regular training. Prepare your content once, make it available whenever you need it.

Meet a brand new Online Education concept

Easy, fast and flexible solution for your distance education needs. Try this innovative Training Platform with the best features now!