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Remote Work

Vedubox, remote working software that combines remote communication, collaboration, and learning features, is used by corporate teams and freelancers.

 Vedubox, an all-in-one online training, exam, meeting and event management system, increases interaction for co-workers from different locations. Allowing you to set up your virtual office in minutes with your own corporate identity, Vedubox brings together everything you need with technology integrated into the system and many modules.

Remote working features of Vedubox

  • Meeting management
  • Video conferencing
  • Webinar
  • Document sharing
  • Announcements, surveys for company employees
  • Online education
  • Digital library
  • Company news feed
  • Blog

Quick Installation, Easy to Use

It is a meeting and training management system with 100% cloud technology. It is designed to enable institutions to offer e-learning services and make video meetings online.

It serves each customer with its own web address and logo without the need for any server, backup, update, and security.

Meet a brand new Online Education concept

Easy, fast and flexible solution for your distance education needs. Try this innovative Training Platform with the best features now!