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As you do your trainings online, of course your sales are online. Vedubox allows you to establish online learning and teaching marketplace.

Start selling your courses easily

Easily create a marketplace, sell your courses 24/7, and grow your online training business.
Get paid immediately, with no hidden fees.

3 simple steps to start selling courses


Configure your system settings! 

Create your account. Upload your logo and set a web address (URL)


Set up your courses

Upload your contents, add a brief description, and set a price.


Get Started!

 Start using the system quickly and easily with your users.


  • The platform allows you to sell your trainings online with e-commerce features.
  • The system can be integrated into online payment systems like Paypal, Iyzico so that sales can be made in the form of credit card payment.
  • Payments are transferred to your bank account and users’ credit card information is not kept in the system.
  • Payments are made securely via online payment systems. The system also allows to get detailed sales reports.


Integrated management of trainer tracking, payment information, billing information, calendar, training assignment, training reports, and more, enabling you to manage sales and membership.

Meet a brand new Online Education concept

Easy, fast and flexible solution for your distance education needs. Try this innovative Training Platform with the best features now!