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With Vedubox your online certificates are ready in a few minutes

Motivate your participants with personalized certificates with Vedubox’s advanced certificate module. Vedubox’s online certificate module makes it easy to reward and motivate your participants. 

Whether it’s a comprehensive training, a specialized workshop or an interactive training session, our certificate module adds prestige to your online learning experience.

No more manual certificate creation and distribution!
Automate your entire online certification process and efficiently manage certificates for your attandees.

Capabilities of the Vedubox Online Certificate Module

  • Participants can be awarded certificates of achievement or participation
  • It can be selected from the designs in the system or a special design can be added
  • Users can keep their earned certificates for free
  • Certificates shared on Linkedin
  • It can also be queried from the institution-specific page with a special ID

Start Creating Your First Certificate Now

The certificates you create with Vedubox can easily be downloaded. Give your participants a tangible symbol of their achievement. Moreover, participants can share their certificates on LinkedIn with one click. They can showcase it on their profile, expanding their career opportunities and gaining credibility.


Our intuitive user interface and user-friendly tools make the certificate creation process smooth and enjoyable. In just a few simple steps, you can customize certificate details such as participant names, training titles, completion dates, and more. Give your participants certificates that truly represent their hard work and dedication.