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What is Vedubox?

Vedubox is a training software (LMS) that is customized for businesses to train their customers about their product online

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The Benefits of Vedubox Features for Customer Training

Interactive Learning
Through Gamification

Promote engagement by integrating gamification, encouraging customers interaction with the training materials.

Data-Driven Approach with
Reporting and Analysis

Utilize comprehensive reports to assess the effectiveness of customer training and adjust content based on insights.

Interaction with Live
Training Management

Organize live sessions for real-time dialogue and instant feedback, encouraging a dynamic learning experience.

Stimulate Engagement with
Interactive Training

Employ interactive elements for active participation, improving learning outcomes and fostering customer satisfaction.

On-The-Go Learning
with Mobile App

Enable mobile learning, promoting easy access to training materials anytime, anywhere, leading to higher completion rates.

Master Complex Features
with Watch Again

Allow customers to revisit training materials for improved comprehension and self-paced learning, ensuring thorough understanding of product features and functions.

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Invest in Vedubox's innovative software to optimize your customer training,
conserve valuable resources, and improve your customer service and retention

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Vedubox efficiently educates customers on product usage, fostering
satisfaction and promoting customer loyalty.

Achieve Cost Efficiency

Save on traditional training costs and automate
tasks with Vedubox, your economical solution for
customer education.

Leverage Data-Driven

Vedubox’s robust analytics inform your customer training strategy and maximize returnon investment.

Simplify Training Management

Streamline customer training tracking with Vedubox, ensuring all
customers are well-versed with your product features and benefits.

Boost Customer Engagement

Vedubox’s interactive customer training sessions enhance customer
satisfaction, promoting continued engagement and positive product

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Build a knowledgeable customer base with Vedubox, giving your business a competitive edge in customer service and satisfaction.

Ahmet Samed Gücük
Ahmet Samed Gücük
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In these days when the world better understands the need for distance education not only at the national level but also at the global level, we'd like to express our sincere gratitude to Vedubox for supporting Remax with the fastest and most efficient solutions to all kinds of challenges. With the idea of time and location-independent education, we benefit from these solutions in almost all our educational endeavours. Thanks again for your attention, interest and good service.
Merve Kabakus
Merve Kabakus
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As the Turkish Wrestling Federation, during the pandemic period, we came across Vedubox while searching for a platform that offers distance learning services. Throughout this process and beyond, we have utilized the Vedubox platform for numerous seminars, trainings, and online exams. It has effectively met our online education needs and provided strong technical support, allowing us to benefit from the platform efficiently.
Türk Dişhekimleri Birliği
Türk Dişhekimleri Birliği
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As the Turkish Dental Association, we made the decision to move our trainings and meetings to an online platform in response to the pandemic. During this search, we came across Vedubox. They provided us with a platform where we could identify our needs and plan both our online training sessions and webinar meetings. In 2022, we decided to implement the Structured Modular Training Program created by the TDB Academy using Vedubox. Through this, we were able to support and enhance the skills of many dentists, especially those who graduated between 2019 and 2022, by registering them for courses and initiating their education on the platform. We extend our gratitude to the Vedubox team, as they have enabled us to continue our education without any constraints of time or location.
Furkan K.
Furkan K.
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I am very happy to use Vedubox. I intend to use it in my business for a long time.
Muammer Faruk
Muammer Faruk
Read More
They have made a thoughtful distance education system.
M.Alisan K.
M.Alisan K.
Read More
Vedubox platform, which meets our needs in many subjects that the educational institutions may need.
Sercan K
Sercan K
Read More
What we like most about Vedubox system is its speed, ease of use and low cost.
Christina S
Christina S
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Vedubox is a great LMS and overall a great product for us. The team is very supportive and helpful.
Serdar U
Serdar U
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Easy to use great specifications… all in one platform.

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