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How Vedubox Learning Management Systems Benefits Corporates.  
Investing in employee training and development, when done well, is profitable. In this era of rapid change and innovation,  it’s more important than ever for business leaders to invest in their people. Join us as our panelists share their insights on how the right learning management system Can Drive Business Success!
Join Us and Learn 
❓ How does LMS help automate training? 
❔  How easily can we create & deploy content using your LMS?
❓ What are  3 Vedubox LMS’s most-loved features? 
❔  How does Vedubox LMS benefit the corporate sectors? 
❓ Any advice and tips for Content Creators? 
🔴 Moderator: Digibus founder Salih ÇAKTI
🔵 Panelists: LTT Global founding partner Rani WEMEL, Vedubox Support Specialist Ahmet BOZKURT, Vedubox Sales Manager Serdar ANGÜN
📅 Date: 15 December 2021
⏰ Hour:  3 pm to 4 pm (GMT+8)