YENİ! Vedubox ile randevularınızı verimli bir şekilde yönetin. 


The benefits for Vedubox affiliates and partners :

  • Commission on each sale and recurring sale for as long as the customer’s subscription stays active
  • Free reseller’s subscription plan for your own use and presentations (100 registered user)
  • Free training for resellers
  • Free digital marketing materials and design customization/adaption
  • Technical previews of new features
  • Priority support by a dedicated reseller agent
  • All your Vedubox customers are covered by our global support in English

What We Do

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Who can join?

We work with high quality content producers, email marketing specialists and digital publishers. Anyone who meets this criteria can apply to become an affiliate with If you have a strategy to promote and sell eLearning, video conferencing, webinar and communication systems, we want to hear from you. Training companies, magazines, bloggers and solo influencers are all in a good position to work with us. Typical earnings of around $ XX/month is quite common for small publishers and is considerably higher for large companies. 

How can I be successful as an affiliate? 

Our most successful affiliates take time to understand our products – and provide accurate, informative endorsements.  This usually includes a great written article, containing  a text link and banner image – as well as building and maintaining communities around our products.  You need to understand the needs of your audience and make an effort to inform, educate and entertain them with good quality information. That is the key to success!

You’re always in full control:

Our transparent affiliate system has 24/7 live reporting,  providing affiliates  with a dashboard to control their business and make instant decisions.

Earn commission on every sale:

60 Day cookie tracking ensure that you earn from every sale that is made!