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    The Features That Make Vedubox Different

    Live Training

    Organize high-quality live training with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


    Encourage and motivate your employees by certifying your training.


    Watch Again

    Help your employees increase their success rate with the opportunity to watch live training again.

    Interactive Education

    Let your teams learn more actively and effectively.


    Product Listing

    List your new and existing products and keep your employees up to date with them.



    Motivate your employees with gamification.

    RE/MAX Success Story with Vedubox

    The effects of using Vedubox in the training process of RE/MAX Turkey brand can be listed as follows:

    • Reduced costs for both the participant and the company
    • Ease of use with effective and accessible technical support and correctly working modules
    • Time-saving for both the employees participating in the training and the company
    • Increase in the accessibility of education
      increased revenues
    • Increasing learning with more efficient training thanks to an effective training platform

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